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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Аctuality and aim of project
Developments in Ukraine and the world on the project
Main results
The practical importance of the project
Proposals for the use of project results
Publication of results of the project
Presenting at conferences, seminars, readings
Proposals for the use of project results 

Within the framework of this project it is conducted the systematic service of all the participants of projects of the program « Fundamental problems of hydrogen energetics».

The system which is created for use it by all of the program participants is not limited neither the number of objects (their number can be up to the several hundreds of thousands) nor their type (together with the abstract, full text and bibliographic information it can contain the data about manufacturers, commercial establishments etc.). Collected materials are included to the network interactive resource using the network of restricted access Intranet. Information about the Ukrainian and foreign enterprises the scientific work of which is related to the fundamental problems of energetics is presented as an independent interactive data base for use of other projects and programs participants.

 The data bank on «Fundamental problems of hydrogen energetics» containing review and patent information, business documentation, publications of Ukrainian and foreign publishing houses in English and Russian languages is under practical exploitation.


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