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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Аctuality and aim of project
Developments in Ukraine and the world on the project
Main results
The practical importance of the project
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Main results 

As a result of implementation of works on the project  for all participants  of the program «Fundamental problems of hydrogen energetics» prolonged selection of thematic informational documents on their requests in the modes of selective information retrieval and RETRO with the depth of retrospective view to 25 years with the further full text providing of results of these searches.

  Thematic questioning and communication with the participants of projects  implementation is conducted on the program web page on the domain of

Access and exploitation of data bank on fundamental problems of hydrogen energetics is made within the framework of user PC standard programs. During the addition and exploitation of this data bank the forms of interactive work with the subscribers of data retrieval system are improved.

Works on preparation and computer making up of the monograph on fundamental problems of hydrogen energetics are carried out. The monograph is on this site.

  As a result of implementation of the program projects is conducted a final scientific report session on «Fundamental problems of hydrogen energetics». Materials of the session are on this site.


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