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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Main results 

1. Implantation of hydrogen produces a significant effect on the thermal expansion of fullerite C60 provoking an orientational phase transition at temperatures close to the liquid helium temperature.

2. The temperature dependence of the quantity of hydrogen desorbed from a C60 sample has two maxima at room temperature and at T = 400 °C. This suggests two types of interaction between the H2 and C60 molecules physical characterized by a low interaction energy and higher-energy chemical ("weak" chemical).

3. X-ray investigations of C60 saturated with H2 at room temperature and atmosphere pressure have been investigated by the X-ray method in the interval T = 10293 K. It is found that interaction affects the lattice parameters, the intensity and width of X-ray reflections, the orientational phase transition and the glass formation in fullerite. An unusual behavior of the structural characteristics has been detected in the region of existence of the orientational glass state. Below 60 K the intensity and the half-wdth of some structural reflections increase sharply and several superstructure reflections appear. It is assumed that the revealed low temperature effects in the structural characteristics are related to the positional and orientational localization of the normal H2 molecules in the intermolecular voids. The localization enhances the impurity-matrix interaction.

4. A new experimental setup has been developed for investigating the kinetics of hydrogen storage and release from the tetrahydrofuran hydrate system.

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