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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Proposals for the use of project results 

Hydrogen obtained as a result of conversion of low-quality solid fuel will be used for testing of new fuel cells with solid oxide, molten carbonate, and PEM electrolyte.

The obtained data on reaction of Ukrainian low-quality solid fuels with steam will be used for: calculation of gasifiers for production of synthesis gas with high hydrogen content, investigation of conversion processes in fuel cells, calculation of boilers that burn wet solid fuel and water-fuel suspension.

Experimental experience and developed software will be used to develop new high-performance solid-fuel IGCC power plant with electric power of 3 MW, where hydrogen will be produced in addition. Electrical efficiency of a new solid-fuel CCP will be more than 50% and hydrogen production will be 300 kg per day due to the use of high-temperature fuel cells, and modern steam and gas turbines.

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