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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Main results 

§        A complex of experimental installations for the research of the processes of hydrogen production from fossil fuels is created.

§        New methods for assessment of the processes of solid fuel steam gasification and hydrogen production from fossil and renewable solid organic fuels are developed.

§        The researches of steam conversion of Ukrainian coals of different metamorphic grade (from brown coal to anthracite), peat, and PET are carried out.

§        The effect of temperature on reaction rate of anthracite chars of bituminous and brown coals, PET, peat, and activated charcoal with steam is determined.

§        The researches of the effect of Ni-catalyst and potassium carbonate on an increase in reaction rate of anthracite with steam are carried out.

§        The processes of steam conversion of volatile of Ukrainian bituminous (gas, coking coal) and brown coals, and peat are studied. Optimum performances of these processes for obtaining an increase in the yield of high reactivity char are determined.

§        The effect of additives of lime and a catalyst for CO conversion on the degree of CO2 absorption in the process of steam gasification of chars of bituminous (gas cоal, coking coal), brown, and peat coals is determined. Up to 68 % of the carbon was fixed with lime with production of synthesis gas, which was similar in composition to the gas after the steam reforming of methane.

§        Hydrogen of purity from 96 to 98% was produced from chars of Ukrainian bituminous (gas coal, coking coal), brown and obtained peat coals, and methane.

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