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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Аctuality and aim of project
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Аctuality and aim of project 
Need for development of hydrogen energy in the XXI century there is no doubt this is due to the necessity of normalization of the environmental situation in the world and the depletion of natural resources that are not restored. In this case, the technology of hydrogen should be directed at solving environmental and economic problems. Tackling environmental problems related both directly to the replacement of environmentally hazardous energy into hydrogen, and address other related environmental problems, which can be implemented simultaneously with the hydrogen.Solution of economic problems due to the use of industrial waste and municipal services that need to disarm in any case, but which can be a source of hydrogen generation under certain conditions. The most useful are given problems to solve when implementing various technologies of water treatment, where both can solve two problems: the generation of hydrogen and air conditioning of natural water or water after its use in industrial processes. This would get as the final products, and hydrogen for energy and technological needs and clean water for drinking, process needs, and will also promote the improvement of Ukraine aquatic ecosystems.
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