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Fundamental problems of hydrogen energy
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Developments in Ukraine and the world on the project
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Developments in Ukraine and the world on the project 
In Ukraine and in the world, technologies for hydrogen production using energy-storing substances (ESS) are intensively developing. On the basis of experiments made, a technology for hydrogen production in a high-pressure reactor with use of ESSs has been developed, which allows hydrogen production with a hydrogen evolution rate of 24000 L of H2/(m2•min). The use of ESSs for hydrogen production from water makes it possible to avoid many factors that restrain the development of hydrogen power engineering: (a) exclusion of containers (gas storage holders) for hydrogen storage; (b)ESSs that act as reactants for hydrogen production from water are easy to store and to transport; (c) to produce hydrogen under field conditions, mobile cartridges, etc can be used; (d) ESSs permit one to produce high-purity hydrogen of predetermined pressure and volume; (e) ESSs can be used for various purposes (preparation of high-energy metallized fuel, to increase the oil and gas output in oil extraction, for the deoxidation of steels, manufacture of protectors for the corrosion protection of metallic structures in sea water, creation of efficient hydrogen stations for power production, etc).
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