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Institute of Engineering Thermophysics
A. M. Pidhorny Institute for Mechanical Engineering Problems
Institute of Electrodynamics
G. E. Pukhov Institute of Modelling Problem in Power Engineering
Department of Hybrid Modelling and Control Systems in Power Engineering within G. E. Pukhov Institute of Modelling Problems in Power Engineering
Institute of General Energy
Coal Energy Technology Institute
Gas Institute
Institute of Renewable Energy
Institute for Safety Problems of Nuclear Power Plants
R&D Center of Magnetism of Technical Objects
Education and Research Institute of Mining and Metallurgical Power Engineering
Institute of Engineering Thermophysics 
2-a Zhelyabova St., 03057, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone: (044) 456 6282; fax:(044) 456 6091
Anatoliy А. Dolinsky,
NAS academician

Basic lines of Institute’s activities are:

- thermophysical studies of processes in heat power equipment while using traditional and renewable energy and developing methods to improve equipment efficiency, reliability and environment safety;

- refining heat-transfer theory and its application to improve the efficiency of processes of heat transfer and utilization in machines and apparata of new facilities;

- refining the theory of heat and mass transfer to improve the efficiency of available thermal technologies and develop radically new energy-efficient and resource-saving ones;

- refining the theory of measuring thermal values and its application in developing novel thermophysical devices and systems to improve the metrological provision of operating power and other thermal-engineering equipment.

The following science schools originated and work at the Institute:

‘Heat-and-mass transfer in heat technologies’ (founded by NAS academicians O. O. Kremniov and A. A. Dolinsky);

‘Thermophysical instrument-making’ (founded by NAS corresponding member O. A. Geraschenko).

The Institute offers for cooperative commercialization:

- co-generation technologies;

- hot-water boilers;

- heat utilizers for boilers and industrial furnaces;

- boiler burners;

- high-temperature vacuum furnaces;

- vortex air coolers;

- vacuum homogenizers;

- rotor homogenizers, mixers, apparata for dissolving loose and liquid media;

- heat technologies and equipment to produce soy-bean-based foodstuffs;

- small bakeries;

- drying technologies and equipment for producing fruit and vegetable powders;

- technologies of spray drying and respective equipment (dryers, concentrators etc.)

- technologies and equipment for producing extracts, ointments, gels;

- technologies of pectin production;

- thermopysical devices, control and optimization systems: heat-flow meters; calorimeters; indicators for thermal route diagnostics; burning-fuel and flue-gas quality analysers; means for instrument control of protective-structures heat resistance and construction-materials heat conductivity; flame control units; boiler protection units; a computer system for automatic control of industrial boiler;

- analysers and small laboratories of cereal quality.

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