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Institute of Physics
V. Ye. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics
G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics
M. M. Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
Main Astronomical Observatory
Crimean Laser Observatory within Main Astronomical Observatory
Institute of Magnetism under NAS and MES of Ukraine
Institute of Applied Problems of Physics and Biophysics
International Center ‘Institute of Applied Optics’
B. I. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering
O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radio Physics and Electronics
Institute of Radio Astronomy
Institute of Ionosphere under NAS and MES of Ukraine
Donetsk O. O. Galkin Institute of Physics and Engineering
Institute for Physics of Mining Processes
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
Institute of Electron Physics
‘Reactivelectron’ R&D Center
A. I. Kalmykov Center for Radio Physical Sensing of the Earth under NAS and NSA of Ukraine
Institute of Radio Astronomy 
4 Chervonopraporna St., 61002, Kharkiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (057) 706 1415
Leonid M. Lytvynenko,
NAS academician

Founded on November 29, 1985. Since then, the Institute has been headed by Prof. L. M. Lytvynenko, NAS academician.

Its main lines of research activities are:

- radioastronomy of the Universe;

- remote sensing of geospace and Solar system;

- physical principles of constructing radio telescopes and radio systems of remote sensing.

The Institute holds a leading position worldwide in low-frequency radioastronomy. Owing to the UTR-2 radiotelescope with the record-making sensitivity and angular resolution, and the unique URAN interferometer system – both created on the initiative and under guidance of Prof. S. Y. Braude, NAS academician, – a large volume of priority research results of the international level was obtained. In the millimeter wavelengths, peculiarities in radiation of space masers on a methanol molecule were detected in galactic molecular clouds with regions of stars formation. Employing Ukrainian radio telescopes has enabled a fruitful international collaboration with leading radio astronomy institutions of Russia, Austria, France, the Netherlands, USA, India, China. The method of radio-interferometry location of near-space objects (planets, asteroids, space debris) has been developed.

Alongside with those fundamental studies, the Institute conducts applied ones and innovative activities; it also develops devices and radio systems for various applications in decameter, microwave, millimeter and sub-millimeter wavelengths.

In the recent years, the Institute has developed and produced several types of state-of-the-art ground- and air-based radar systems to investigate the Earth’s surface and geospace.

The antenna dipoles of the first part of low frequency telescope of new generation -the giant Ukrainian radio telescope

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