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Institute of Magnetism under NAS and MES of Ukraine
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A. I. Kalmykov Center for Radio Physical Sensing of the Earth under NAS and NSA of Ukraine
Institute of Magnetism under NAS and MES of Ukraine 
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of Physics and Astronomy > Institute of Magnetism under NAS and MES of Ukraine
36-b Acad. Vernadskoho Blvd., 03142, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (044) 424 3420; (044) 424 1020
Victor G. Baryakhtar,
NAS academician

Founded on June 7, 1995.

Its main lines of research activities are:

- theoretical investigations of nonlinear phenomena and tunneling processes in magnetic materials,

- physics of multilayered magnetic films;

- physics of electrochemical processes on metal-liquid interface;

- magnetic sensors and materials for magnetic information recording;

- ecology;

- science and education issues.

Major results obtained by the Institute:

- The kinetic theory of nonlinear magnetic excitation gas has been developed. Kinetic equations for breathers and solitons have been built. Energy, impulse and substance transport phenomena have been investigated (V. G. Baryakhtar).

- A self-organizing motion of electrolytes near metal surfaces in DC magnetic field has been studied. A dissipative-turbulent structure of the flux has been found experimentally (Yu. I. Gorobets).

- An anomalously high magnetostriction has been discovered in Ni–Mn–Ga alloys. This phenomenon is based on martensitic phase transformation in ferromagnetic materials. The discovery resulted in a new world R&D trend, concerned with studies and applications of this phenomenon (V. V. Kokorin).

- A substantial increase in the temperature of magnetic ordering in ultrathin films of rare-earth magnetics due to their exchange interaction with films of transition-metal-based magnetics has been experimentally shown for the first time (A. M. Pogorily).

The Institute of Magnetism under the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is an organization which combines functions of a research institute and a university, addressing top-priority fundamental and applied problems in the areas of magnetism, ecology and research personnel training. Among 113 employees of the Institute there are: a NAS academician (V. G. Baryakhtar), a NAS corresponding member (A. M. Pogorily), an APS corresponding member (Yu. I. Gorobets), 16 doctors of science and 29 candidates of science.

A Center for Shared Use of Research Equipment, intended for NAS and MES organizations, has been set up at the Institute. It includes: probe scanning microscopy complex ‘Solver Pro’ (AFM, MFM, STM) and EPR spectrometer ELEXIS E500.


Solver Pro (AFM, MFM, STM)

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