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Institute of Physics
V. Ye. Lashkaryov Institute of Semiconductor Physics
G. V. Kurdyumov Institute for Metal Physics
M. M. Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics
Main Astronomical Observatory
Crimean Laser Observatory within Main Astronomical Observatory
Institute of Magnetism under NAS and MES of Ukraine
Institute of Applied Problems of Physics and Biophysics
International Center ‘Institute of Applied Optics’
B. I. Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics and Engineering
O. Ya. Usikov Institute for Radio Physics and Electronics
Institute of Radio Astronomy
Institute of Ionosphere under NAS and MES of Ukraine
Donetsk O. O. Galkin Institute of Physics and Engineering
Institute for Physics of Mining Processes
Institute for Condensed Matter Physics
Institute of Electron Physics
‘Reactivelectron’ R&D Center
A. I. Kalmykov Center for Radio Physical Sensing of the Earth under NAS and NSA of Ukraine
Institute of Applied Problems of Physics and Biophysics 
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of Physics and Astronomy > Institute of Applied Problems of Physics and Biophysics
3 Stepanchenko St., 03142, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (044) 423 0845
Anatoly G. Misyura,
Dr. Biol.

Established on February 25, 1998 through the reorganization of ‘Sonar’ R&D Center of Biotechnical Systems.

Its primary research areas are: physics of lasers and optical processes in substances; physical phenomena in biological structures; physics of biotechnical structures.

The principal advances and developments of the Institute are:

Experimental studies of hydroadaptation mechanisms in Black Sea dolphins, the potential of their optical&acoustic analyzer systems, their functions as submarine observers, security guards and workers have resulted in the development and practical implementation of hydrobionical technologies and biotechnical systems for submarine search, in research into physical phenomena and ecology of the hydrosphere. A domestic technology for emergency submarine neutralization of residual submerged chemical toxic agents and decontamination of Black Sea water areas has been developed and applied for the first time in the international practice. To monitor the pollution levels and processes of natural ecotoxicant biodegradation on submergence sites, methods and tools of chemical-pollution indication have been developed; microorganisms that are potential biological decomposers of submerged ecotoxicants have been identified and their population cultivated.

Relying on quantum electronics studies, new methods to control laser generation spectra and optical processes in substances have been proposed. Spectral methods for determining concentrations of light-absorbing substances have been developed.

Laser technologies for precision cutting of polymers, metals and alloys, for paper perforation have been developed and implemented. Laser perforators for protecting securities and documents have been developed and applied in production process: they were used in manufacturing of new Ukrainian passports and securities.

Spectral methods of pulse oximetry, non-invasive tools for measuring hemoglobin saturation with oxygen and carboxihemoglobin concentration in human body have been proposed. Technologies and devices of medicobiological purpose have been produced.

Research into the physics of ferroproteins with low-temperature spectroscopy of electron spin resonance and narrow-angle neutron scattering has enabled scientists to develop a method for determining non-heme iron both in samples of whole blood and blood serum, and in tissues (in trace amounts at that). The procedure to apply this method in clinical practice has been developed and certified; that permitted the determination of exchange indices of fractional iron of transferrin, ferritin and low-molecular iron complexes, whose concentration ratio plays an important role in iron-deficiency states of humans.

Biotechnological methods have been worked out to obtain an important biologically active substance for treatment of oncological patients. It is a native form of interleukin I-12, one of the key cytokines of human immune system. Such biological effects of the man-made sample of preparation as significant antitumor and antimetastatic activity have been proved experimentally.

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