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‘Olviya’ National History and Archaeology Reserve  
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of History, Philosophy and Law > ‘Olviya’ National History and Archaeology Reserve
47 Olviyska St., 57540, Parutine village, Ochakivsky distr., Mikolayivska oblast, Ukraine
Phone-fax: (05154) 9 2453

Galina S. Lisikova

Set up on March 3, 1926. In 1938 it was included to the Academy of Sciences of UkrSSR, in 2002 got the National Reserve status.

Basic lines of activities: fundamental and applied studies, restoration works according to research projects and programs approved by NAS; measures towards protection and preservation of cultural heritage sites, adjacent territories and related movable objects, works of monumental, painting, graphic, decorative and applied arts; research&methodological and educational work for popularizing cultural legacy and spiritual development of people.

Major achievements and developments: evidence has been obtained on Olbio architecture and city planning, peculiarities of site coverage, purpose and functioning of buildings and facilities. By conservation and restoration measures, preservation of city ruins was done, with a view to their subsequent turning into museum exhibits and setting up an open-air museum on the territory of the Reserve.

A preserve carries out excursion activity, annually ancient sight is visited near 10 thousand of tourists

Annually festivals are conducted in NIAZ "Ol'viya", in particular annual festival "Muses of Ol'vii"

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