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Donetsk Botanical Garden
G. M. Vysotskiy Ukrainian Research Institute of Forestry & Forest Melioration under the State Committee of Forestry of Ukraine and NAS
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Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering
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Ukrainian Steppe Nature Reserve
М. H. Kholodny Institute of Botany
Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics 
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of General Biology > Institute of Food Biotechnology and Genomics
2-a, Osypovskoho St., 04123, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (044) 434 3777, 434 4577
e-mail: iht@i.kiev.ua
Yaroslav B. Blume,
NAS academician

Founded in 1992 (before July 2, 2008 known as the NAS Institute of Food Chemistry and Technology). Its main research lines are:

- studying molecular&biological and cell&biological mechanisms of plant cell vital functions, relying on structural and functional plant genomics and bioinformatics, structural biology and molecular genetics;

- new biotechnologies and nanobiotechnologies of plants and prokaryotic systems;

- scientific fundamentals of resource-saving technologies in processing agricultural raw materials; producing novel food stuffs and biofuel from biomass;

- biotechnologies for producing food stuffs, their components and biologically active compounds; molecular&genetic and biochemical methods of phytosanitary, medico-biological control of food products, food additives and feeds; scientific principles of biosafety.

Principal achievements and developments:

- Industrial technologies (including biotechnologies) of novel food and auxiliary materials (aromatizers, stabilizers etc.), special dietetic products were developed and introduced.

- Up-to-date environment-friendly and energy-intensive technologies, systems to check products safety, environmental and energy standards were developed and introduced.

- Novel technologies of soybean-based food products for dietetic nutrition and integral therapy of diseases were developed. The efficacy of their use was proved for TB, burn, cancer patients, for people with cardiovascular, bronchopulmonary diseases and those with flu.

- Production technologies were developed, respective specifications prepared and approved for a number of new food products: soybean milk, concentrated soybean milk, soybean cheese, soybeen protein paste, soybean yoghurt, soybean nuts etc.

- A technology and equipment to produce flour from whole grain (with bran and germs) was developed; its introduction will permit a 25% increase in flour output.

- A technology was developed and ‘Ferro’ veterinary preparation, badly needed by cattle-breeding farms, was produced in cooperation with DOIREA corporation (Dnipropetrovsk).

- Technologies to produce crystalline essential amino acids (lysine, leucine and isoleucine) with microbiological method were developed. A pilot unit was constructed, several batches of those products obtained, and engineering specifications and process charts prepared.

- Scientific fundamentals for technologies to produce liquid fuel components from renewable plant resources were developed, with specifications and process charts for producing alternative mixed fuels.

- A pilot unit for obtaining carbon-dioxide plant extracts was constructed; batches of carbon-dioxide extracts of hops, belladonna, chamomile etc. were produced according to the technologies developed; specifications for those extracts, products and medical preparations containing them were provided. A technology was proposed to recycle waste of clearing process-gases used in carbon dioxide production.

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