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Institute for Market Problems and Economic-and-Ecological Research  
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of Economics > Institute for Market Problems and Economic-and-Ecological Research
29 Frantsuzkiy Blvd., Odessa, 65044, Ukraine
Phone: (048) 722 2905; fax: (048) 722 6611
e-mail: iprei@odessa.ukrtel.net
Boris V. Burkinsky,
NAS academician

The Institute of Market Problems and Economic&Ecological Research is one of the leading NAS research institutions. It was founded in 1991on the basis of Odessa Division of the Institute of Economics under the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR, which had operated since May 1970.

Current studies of the Institute adress topical issues of deepening market reforms in the national economy, elaborating the strategy and tactics of sustainable, balanced socio-economic and economic-and-ecological development of the Ukrainian Black-Sea coastal zone.

Innovative trends and the tasks of integrated development of economic studies define the priority research areas of the Institute:

- the theory and methodology for restructuring economy complexes, developing the mechanisms of institutional transformations in the economy;

- economic policy and mechanisms to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness of marine economy, tourist and recreational spheres;

- the policy of institutional-and-organizational transformations and formation of economic relations in the sphere of nature management and ensuring environmental safety;

- the strategy and mechanisms for strengthening the potential of the Ukrainian Black-Sea Region and overcoming the socio-economic disproportions in its development.

The Institute has formed authoritative academic schools, those of:

- economics of nature-resource management (NAS academician B. V. Burkinskiy; Prof. S. K. Kharichkov, Dr. Econ.; Prof. V. N. Stepanov, Dr. Econ.);

- transport services market (O. M. Kotlubay, Dr. Econ.);

- enterprize development (Prof. A. I. Butenko, Dr. Econ.; Prof. V. N. Osipov, Dr. Econ.).

The Institute developed for the first time ever theoretical and methodological fundamentals of the economic-and-ecological theory of sea-areas management; the economics, organization and management of marine economy; forming marine ecological policy; improving the efficiency of integral use, reproduction and protection of the nature-resource potential of seaside territories. Institute’s specialists studied theoretical and conceptual principles of economic-and-ecological safety of sustainable development of seaside regions and integrated management of coastal economic activities under transformation; they generated main principles of present-day sea-transport policy, theoretical fundamentals of transport provision for the economy of Ukraine, sustainable development of domestic sea transport and its interaction with global transport systems.

Since 1980 the Institute has been headed by B.V. Burkinskiy, NAS academician, Dr. Econ., Prof., a Winner of the State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology, an Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine, awarded with two medals and the Order “For Services” III Class.

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