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Council for Ukraine’s Productive Forces Studies
Institute for Demography and Social Studies
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Institute for Demography and Social Studies  
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of Economics > Institute for Demography and Social Studies
26 P. Myrnoho St., 01011, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (044) 254-3206
e-mail: demography@idss.org.ua
Ella M. Libanova,
NAS corresponding member

Founded on September 26, 2002.

Its principal tasks are:

- research into demographic theory;

- integrated fundamental studies of the causes and effects of the demographic crisis;

- developing principles and methods of socio-demographic analysis and forecasting;

- research into the efficiency of state social policy, raising living standards, elimination of poverty and formation of middle class in the society; reformation of welfare system; development of employment relations and social partnership; gender studies;

- integral analysis of migration processes;

- elaborating methodological fundamentals for estimating and modelling human development and its elements;

- developing methodological basics of multipurpose use of information in analyzing socio-economic and demographic processes;

- studying the reproduction of demographic potential.

Major developments of the Institutite, offered for implementation:

– methods of socio-demographic forecasting and demographic prospects of Ukraine;

– human development of the regions of Ukraine: analysis and forecasts;

– time and space monitoring of demographic situation in Ukraine;

– migrations and their impact on socio-demographic groups of the population of Ukraine;

– living standards of some socio-demographic groups of the population of Ukraine;

– development of socio-demographic policy of Ukraine;

– producing the system of socio-demographic development indices for different regions;

– improving socio-economic mechanisms to facilitate innovative development of Ukraine;

– labour force competitiveness in Ukraine;

– demographic situation in Ukraine in 1987-1989 in the context of current demographic crisis;

– strategic lines of social infrastructure development;

– assessment of the prospects of labour force formation in Ukraine: principles, methodology and practice;

– the populations of Russia and Ukraine: comparative analysis of their present states, trends and prospects of demographic development;

– demographic preconditions of reforming the pension system in Ukraine;

– development of the mechanism to implement innovative components of human development;

– social investments as the strategic choice of Ukraine under demographic crisis;

– social risks in the Ukrainian society and their minimization.

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