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A. V. Bogatsky Physico-Chemical Institute
A. V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry
F. D. Ovcharenko Institute of Biocolloidal Chemistry
Institute for Sorption and Problems of Endoecology
Institute of Bioorganic Chemistry and Petrochemistry
Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry
Institute of Organic Chemistry
Inter-Agency Department of Electrochemical Energy Systems
L. M. Litvinenko Institute of Physical-Organic Chemistry and Coal Chemistry
L. V. Pisarzhevsky Institute of Physical Chemistry
O. O. Chuiko Institute of Surface Chemistry
Research and Engineering Center for Development and Introduction of Technologies to Use Ammonium Carbonate Compounds in Agriculture (‘АКСО’ REC)
V. I. Vernadsky Institute of General and Inorganic Chemistry
A. V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry 
The National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine > Structure > Department of Chemistry > A. V. Dumansky Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry
42 Acad. Vernadskoho Blvd., 03680, Kyiv, Ukraine
Phone/fax: (044) 424 0196; (044) 423 8224
Vladyslav V. Goncharuk,
NAS academician

Founded on January 22, 1968.

Its main research areas are:

- water chemistry and technology;

- colloid chemistry;

- analytical chemistry.

Principal achievements and developments:

Fundamental and applied research in the field of chemistry, physics, biology and technology of water. A scientifically validated classification of water impurities according to their phase-disperse state has been developed. Scientific fundamentals have been worked out for predicting catalytic and photocatalytic action of catalysts of deep water decontamination from organic and inorganic impurities. A theory of electrochemical and membrane methods of water treatment, scientific principles of molecular and micellar adsorption of organic substances have been advanced. High-efficiency technologies for purification of polluted water of all types, for water preparation, alongside with self-contained systems for producing drinking water have been developed. A concept of improving the quality of drinking water has been proposed. The National Standard of Ukraine ‘Sources of centralized drinking water supplies. Hygienic, ecological requirements to water quality and the rules of selection’ (DSTU 4808:2007) was developed. A whole new method for assessing the quality of drinking water – the biotesting method – has been created.

A new concept of the origin of life on the Earth has been suggested, fundamental ideas about the formation and development of hydrosphere have been formulated; they are based on the ratio of hydrogen isotopes present in water. Scientists have discovered huge heterophase water clusters formed due to the presence of heavy hydrogen isotope – deuterium.

In the field of colloid chemistry, the third law of chemical kinetics has been formulated; the theory of lyophility of disperse systems, the theory of a nonequilibrium double layer and surface forces have been advanced. Fundamental basis of physical chemistry of nanostructured systems and nanomaterials, nanophase phenomena and quantum-dimensional effects has been created. Novel materials with unique electrophysical and optical properties have been produced.

In the field of analytical chemistry, fundamental principles of analytical chemistry of water systems and coordination compounds have been advanced, high-sensitivity and selective techniques for the analysis of organic and inorganic substances in water have been developed.

A.V.Dumansky Institute of Colloid and Water Chemistry of the NAS of Ukraine

The 30 anniversary of the creation of the A.V.Dumansky ICWC of the NAS of Ukraine, the opening of L.A.Kulskij, A.V.Dumansky, A.T.Pilipenko monuments. On a photo: President of the NAS of Ukraine, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine B.E.Paton, Director of the A.V.Dumansky ICWC of the NAS of Ukraine, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine V.V.Goncharuk (1998 г.).

- President of the NAS of Ukraine, Academician of the NAS of Ukraine Paton B.E. visited the Institute's exhibition (2008)

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